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I draw inspiration from the tradition of poster art, an artistic movement rooted in advertising and political posters, characterized by striking and expressive visual compositions. By incorporating this aesthetic into my work, I create pieces that capture the viewer's attention and effectively communicate a message. My practice of digital painting, both figurative and abstract, allows me to explore a wide range of subjects and styles, from recognizable representations to more free and suggestive compositions.

angéline terpend x miyu distribution, line-up Festival International du Court-métrage de Clermont-Ferrand
THERSX x Angeline Terpend, EP "reflect" experimental music

my story

by combining digital painting with design and graphics, I enrich my creations by playing with typography, layout, and visual elements to produce works that are both aesthetic and functional, particularly suited for visual communication and branding projects in the cultural field.

my values

imagine Let your mind wander and watch your ideas come to life.

ask Each question opens up a new field of knowledge.

inspire LTomorrow's creations are born of today's thinking.

create Shape existence through creative movements.


As an independent digital painter, I have had a career spanning several years as a freelancer for cultural players and institutions. With a Bachelor's degree in digital communication and an MBA in digital strategy and development, I was responsible for communication and visual identity management for an international cultural company, participating in prestigious campaigns for the Oscars, the Césars, and more.



in my digital paintings, I harmoniously blend abstract and figurative elements to create minimalist contemporary works. Through the interplay of subtle lines and details, I evoke a sense of harmony and balance in each composition. This fusion of abstract and figurative elements invites viewers to contemplate the essence of the subject while appreciating the simplicity and modernity of the overall aesthetic.


as a brand strategist, I focus on distilling a company's essence into a visual and emotional identity that resonates with its audience. I delve into the core values and aspirations of the brand, sculpting its image with precision and determination to create a lasting connection based on trust and authenticity.


i use graphic design techniques to enhance the visual impact of my digital paintings, ensuring that each element nurtures and enriches the others. By strategically integrating typography, layout, and color theory, my paintings are elevated to a new level, where the synergy between graphic design and artistic expression amplifies the minimalist contemporary essence of my work.


i use creativity as a tool to translate a brand's essence into tangible elements that shape perception and foster recognition. Through a delicate balance of aesthetics, symbolism, and functionality, I create cohesive visual systems that resonate with the audience and reflect the brand's core. Every design choice is a deliberate step toward building a memorable and impactful brand presence in the ever-evolving landscape of visual communication.


i enjoy translating abstract concepts into visually compelling narratives, orchestrating each element to evoke emotion and captivate the audience. With a keen sense of aesthetics and a dedication to storytelling, I manage the entire creative process to bring visions to life, ensuring that each project has a lasting impact.


i guide individuals through the transformative journey of self-expression and exploration. Through empathetic listening and tailored advice, I enable my clients to unlock their creative potential, overcome artistic challenges, and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves through their art.

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